The Tub in Full Effect

got our first snowfall of the year last week. The day before Thanksgiving. As Mom and Dad were driving here. Nobody really got hit to the east of us, but we got hammered. 4-5 inches. Wet and heavy. Now, for most people, this is a real hassle. Not welcomed. But for us, quite the opposite. Because with a two-car attatched garage, we don’t worry about our car being beat up. With a snowblower, we don’t worrry about breaking our backs shoveling. With a warm house we don’t worry about freezing. With a vehicle with 4WD, we don’t worry about being stuck. And with a hot tub, we don’t worry about…well…much anything else. And if we do, we don’t worry for too long. Cause the tub is the oasis. I love the tub. And we were able to share it again with my parents quite a bit. Great therapy for Dad’s knee. The night they were due, I was trying to find Micki to tell her how excited I was about the snow and that it would be a perfect night for tubbing. She was already outside preparing the area. I snuck the camera out for an unauthorized photo. It was a fun week!






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