The IMAX Experience

Last night we went with 40 friends from church to Lansing to see “The Polar Express”. Mom and Dad had already taken Grace to see it Thanksgiving weekend, but this was a big event. And big is an understatement. This was our first IMAX movie, and it was impressive. The screen is 14 stories high, all digital, and you get these cool 3-D glasses. Aweseome. The movie itself was great, but seing the snow drift into the audience, a ticket fly right past you, or feeling like you were actually on a roller coaster when the train in the movie goes down a steep hill was even better. It was a fun night. We all went to Cici’s pizza [nasty] for a free for all before, and a fun trip back. This morning we are headed to take G to her practice again and spend most of the day Christmas and grocery shopping. I’m kindof looking forward to it now. We’ll see how I’m feeling tonight. Hoping to have Clevengers over to celebrate Nel’s b-day later, or at least a dippy dip. We’re in full swing now, baby!






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