Betty’s Smackdown

Betty’s Smackdown
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Last Saturday night, after a long day of shopping, I headed to Sam’s Club with Sam. I had bought a portable DVD player for our trip to PA and VA, and Sam said he had seen it at Wal Mart for $20 cheaper. So, we headed back to Sam’s to get money back and go to Wal Mart to get the cheaper one. There was a line of people waiting to get in to Sam’s Club. So, I strolled around them with my package and receipt, thinking I could just go to the customer service desk and get my money back. And boy was I wrong!

Betty layed the smack down on me. As I walked by she said, “Hey, hey, hey, young man. Just where do you think you are going?” I smiled and explained to her that we were just returning some merch. She smiled and asked to see my Sam’s Club Card. She didn’t care who I was and what I was doing. Her job was to card everyone coming in. And she was gonna do it!

I showed her my card and returned the DVD player. We shopped around for a spell, and headed out to Wal Mart. I got the DVD player and as we were checking out I noticed something. It was not the same DVD package. The reason the one at Sam’s was $20 more was because it came in a travel bag that hung on the back of the car seat. It also came with a set of headphones. As this dawns on me, I realize something. I have to go back to Sam’s Club to re-buy the DVD player I just bought. And once more, I have to go through Betty.

We arrived to her laughter asking what we were up to now. We filled her in on the story and Sam grabbed a candid shot while I was explaining to her our plight. She thought we were a couple of goof balls, and even walked us out as I bought my third DVD player in 48 hours. A funny night, but meeting Betty made it even funnier.






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