Santa in the House

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Last night Grace and I went on a special date. I picked up G from school early, and she was pretty tired. So we went home and snuggled on the bed, watched PBS Kids, and made pictures for each other. Then I took her to the mall to visit Santa. We stopped at the Alpha Coney Island for dinner. Got opa and coneys. Fun.

Then we headed to see Santa. Grace wasn’t too enamored with Santa this year, so I payed the $12 for the official picture on a floppy disk, and in about 2 minutes, we were headed to Target for Grace to find a present for her classroom Christmas party.

It was fun to just hang out and let Grace lead. We went to Toys R Us and hung out for awhile. Just looking. Wandering. Same at Target. Fun.

It’s getting closer to Christmas, and I am getting more excited. My hope for all of you reading this is that you will be too. For the right reasons.






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