The Custom Tissue Box

The Custom Tissue Box
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Yesterday sucked. Micki and Grace were both having less than stellar days. We were all feeling the push of Christmas. Tyranny of the urgent. Tons of tasks and not time to get them done. All that stuff. It took me around 4 hours to do the bills, doing some end of the year stuff [and setting up electronic payments], and we needed to get more Christmas presents, clean the house, etc. The anxiety set in on my ladies and I was out-flanked. Drowning in the estrogen ocean, baby!

Grace had asked me if we could do a special project in her 365 different projects book. Making a custom tissue paper holder. I told her I would if I could finish the bills first. After that there was laundry to do, dinner stuff, etc. Needless to say, we didn’t get to it. Especially after her final meltdown which I had zero toleration for. Smack-down central.

Today after church, Micki had to hang with her cell group to help needy families and junk like that. Grace and I got to spend the afternoon together. We had lunch with Strods at Cottage Inn and then got some supplies for our project.

It was fun working together with her. We really enjoy slowing down to do things together. She articulated several times how much she enjoyed it and how much she likes doing these kind of projects with me. It was really fun. We then wrapped some Christmaas presents for Micki and played some video games. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The only thing better would be her strong desire to watch the NFL for five hours…






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