Grace’s 7th Birthday

Party Time!
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We hit another milestone. January 13, 2005. Grace turned 7. Let me just say with all conviction, WOW. I can hardly believe it. My little girl is seven years old. Amazing how some days time seems to stand still and others it seems like yesterday.

We had Grace’s party at Pizza Beach. A low-end Chuckie Cheeses. The pizza was crusty, the cake was mediocre, but the fun-factor was pimped out, baby.

The girls arrived and immediately went to play. We hung out with Duane and Donelda. The cool thing about the birthday package is that everything is included. So, there was a section set up with plates, cups, party favors, and tokens for each kid. We ate. Then they played. Then we came back for cake. Then they played. Then we did presents. Then they played. There was lots of little girl screaming and giggling. Running all over. It was really cool. Micki and I remarked later that it was TOTALLY worth the extra money to do it there because everything was provided and there was no clean up factor. Plus, it was really fun to watch the girls play. With a birthday in January, it’s hard to have a place to stretch out and party, and Pizza Beach sure provided that and more. The girls working there were giving out extra tokens and prizes to our girls, so they all went home with tons of loot.

Grace got some really cool gifts from her girlfriends. Her friend Stacy made her a blanket. That was my favorite. Stacy was so excited to show Grace what she had made. Kara gave her some books and a stuffed dolphin because she knew Grace loves dolphins and reading. Mimi and Poppy sent a Princess and the Pauper Gameboy game that Grace is constantly playing now. It’s one of her favorite presents. Uncle Dave and Aunt Debbie sent a cool scrapbooking tool set for Grace to work with Micki together on scrapbook stuff and projects that G loves to do. But the #1 draft pick was a new Care Bear. She got one for Christmas that talks, and now has another one that glows in the dark. She loves to put it up on the light before bed to “charge it up”.

I put up a couple of pics in a Web Gallery to see more of the fun. A highlight for me was hearing Grace say, “This was the best birthday party ever!” And, for us and her, I believe it truly was. We prayed that night together, and I remember truly being thankful for another year. It really is a gift. Each day is one. Each breath. So to celebrate 365 more days on planet earth was more than a blessing.






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