Grace’s First Basketball Game

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Grace had her first b-ball game. Her team: The Lighning Girls. This league is an outreach arm for our church. There are over 300 kids that participate. The first and second grade girls league is comprised of two teams. Grace’s team and one other. So, every other week when G’s team plays, she plays the same team. It was fun to see her enjoy learning a new sport. She had fun with her new team. And they did a good job. The final score was 12-6. A high scoring affair for Jr. Ball standards. I really think Grace could pick up on this. Have to wait and see. They lost their first game, and she was not really happy about it. Competitive like her mother. But we talked about having fun, learning new skills, and growing together as a team. Getting her refocused on those things instead of winning and losing. We’ll keep you posted on the Lightning Girls season and our little giant who towers over the second graders. My little “Big Ticket”.






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