The Beautiful Couple

The Beautiful Couple
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Grace and I had a really fun time last night. We went to our second “Dad & Daughter” dance. Last year I only knew two people, but this year was different. Since we’ve been connecting with Grace’s friends more this year, we’ve gotten to know them, and this night was fun.
Grace was really excited to get dressed up and Micki did her hair. I sent an invitation in her lunch box that I made to invite her.
We left and had an amazing time. The food was still as crusty as last year, but Grace had a great time. She loves dancing and playing around with her friends. And the caviat for getting the dads out early was Brian Kono and I taking our girls out for ice cream at The Parlor. So, we hung out, danced (awkwardly), ate come nasty food, and then headed for ice cream.
It was a really special time and special night. For Grace to have time with her dad only for her. She said to Micki as we left, “I’ll have fun at my prom!” Little does she know that I will still be her date when she’s a senior!






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