Do Be Do Be Do…

Do Be Do Be Do…
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As I walked into my office yesterday, I was greeted by a four-foot tall penguin sitting in my chair. Last week I had taped a picture of a penguin on my door that Grace had made for me and asked our office to come up with names for it as something fun to do.
Then as I entered my office and turned on the light, I met who I would learn later is Pete the Penguin. Sherry has owned Pete for many years, and made the effort to ask her brother to drive it from Toledo last weekend to give it to me. As we were laughing about it, Ann started humming, “Do be do be dooo.”, in the tune of Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night”. It reminded me of that Bud Light commercial not too long ago with the penguins. Funny.
So, now I’m not alone in my office. I have a new friend. Someone who will probably make it into the new house and befriend a certain 7 year-old who will jump at the chance to enjoy a stuffed animal as big as she is. Pete. Pete the Penguin. On loan from Sherry. Thanks Sher – for a 4 foot tall stuffed animal. Thanks for the love. But, in the UCOM, it’s all about the love. And that’s a beautiful thing.






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