Grace’s First Basket

Grace’s First Basket
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Wednesday was a banner day in Grace’s life. Her Jr. Basketball team had lost every game they had played. In the K-2 league for girls there are only two teams. They play every week. And Grace’s team, The Lightning Girls, have never won.

This game started out the same. By halftime, the score was 12-0. Then Pastor Rod zeroed out the score, and they started the 2nd half with a clean slate.

Our girls came out hot, scoring two baskets. 4-0. Then the other girls came “storming” back and made it 6-4. We scored again, and time was running out. With about 3 minutes to play, Grace got a rebound and put it back in. She was so excited, she started an NFL endzone dance at the hoop and her gum came out of her mouth! The Lightning Girls stayed strong and won the second half 8-6.

Grace was so excited to have “won” and also to have scored. She could not wait to tell everyone in the church and her friends at school the next day. One of my friends has the shot on video. I may get adventerous some day soon and post it. If I can get our DSL hooked up at home and have some free time. But the look of intensity and joy on her face was enough for a fun and exciting night in the life of the Archers.






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