The Tub is ON

The Tub is ON
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We haven’t had much rest in a long time. Cause we’ve been packing, working on the deal to buy our house, sell our old house, and all the baggage that comes with it. I throw it all into one group and call it: Transition.

Well, after mulling it over and making a long story shorter, we bought a hot tub. Carried it to a temporary spot on our back deck, and then wired it. It took a long time and help from Sam, Thaddeus, and John to make it happen. But finally, and I mean finally, we got it rolling.

The pic you see is of Micki and John standing by the tub after we got it working. You can see the steam rising. We’ve turned into American weaklings. We needed that tub to relax. With all the chaos of life hitting us, the tub is our oasis. To relax, unwind, and connect. So, the new tub is in. And it’s nice. I’ll probably post more about it some other time. But trust me, when the tub went live, the stress and pressure went down. And that is a beautiful thing, baby.






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