Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables
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Last night we did something I hope becomes something regular in the Archer house. We had family movie night with Uncle Duane & Aunt Nel.

Grace and I snuggle most every night and read/pray before she goes to bed. She does the school book order thing regularly, and rarely picks a book for book sake. It’s a book with a pencil. Book with a cool bookmarker. Book with a toy. Book with. Book with. Well, on our trip to Pennsylvania and Virginia, when we were on our way back, we stopped at a huge Barnes & Noble, and Grace found a “book and”. It was a book and a necklace. The book was Anne of Green Gables.

I love classics. But I thought the book was too long and too old for Grace. She wanted the necklace. Fast forward a month, and we began the book. It took us almost two months to read it, but Sunday night we finished the last chapter. Come to find out, Grace really loved the story, and Micki and I found ourselves engaging it as well.

As we shared our adventures with Duane and Nel, they shared with us that Anne was one of their favorite stories and they had the movie version. When Grace and I were done reading, we could all watch it together. And last night we did just that.

After a chaotic week/day, we ordered pizza, ate, turned on the fireplace, and snuggled up in our new furniture to watch the movie. It was cool to watch a movie about a book you’ve already read. And interesting to see how you imagined characters and situations without the aid of TV. Interesting how much more and less a story can be told in a movie. It was relaxing, fun, and just what the ole’ doctor ordered for our family last night.






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