Ahh, Shoney’s

Ahh, Shoney’s
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This week I took off with Brian Kono to Knoxville, TN to the University of Tennessee. Our IYC team was looking at the possibility of moving the event there for 2007. I’m on the exec team, so we flew down Thursday afternoon and came back Saturday evening.

It was a whirlwind trip with lots of meeting task building, and work. We did manage to eat at some really cool resteraunts, one of which was Saturday morning at one of my favorites. A blast from the ‘ole Virginia days. Shoney’s. It made me feel like I was having “Sugar-free cherry pie, heated just a little bit with some coffee.” – a Henry Wingfield staple.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way and with some pretty cool people I was able to meet and get to know for the first time: Gary and Scott. Fun to swap stories, share pictures, and begin to open our lives up to each other as we endeavor to make IYC 2005 an incredible event. LOTS of work still to be done. LOTS. But after meeting these guys, I’m convinced that no matter what happens, it’s gonna be a quality ride…cause we’re riding it together.

And the other cool thing about being away that I love is…well…coming home. I told Micki that I love to be away from her and home because it reminds me how much I value and love her and…well how much I love being home.






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    My son –

    Don’t EVER lose sight of the fact that there is NO PLACE like home!!!


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