Bryan @ The Lager House

Bryan @ The Lager House
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Saturday was a long day. After spending most of it on Strods roof, I headed home for dinner and a tuck in of Grace. Then I headed to Sam’s to work on our taxes and at 10pm we picked up Chad and headed to Detroit to see Bryan’s band, The Comeons.

They were playing at a bar close to downtown, The Lager House. It was an amazing show. They were having a release party, and the band was sounding really tight. They went on around 12:30 after a up and coming band that rocked, The Hard Lessons. There were some newer arrangements of songs we’ve heard from previous albums, and Bryan had some cool riffs during the show. Especially the encore. The cow bell as usual also got cheers. It was fun to see Erika, Sheila, Bryan, and the band.

The band had merch, so I picked up a tee shirt, a copy of their new release on vinyl, and a poster. Sam got a poster and stalked the band for autographs. That’s our boy. Chad took a bunch of pics with his high-end camera as well.

After we left around 2ish, we had the munchies, thanks to some smoke generating from some guys in front of us. So we stopped at White Castle in D-town and picked up a “Crave Case”. It’s basically 30 hamburgers in a suitcase. Gluttony in a box. The three of us ate the whole box, along with a ton of fries. It’s Monday, and I still feel sick from overeating.

But it was a fun night to be with friends, hang out in Detroit, get out of Spring Arbor, and see our friend live out one of his dreams. Not just being in a rock band, but a really cool one.






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