Buckey the Bagel-Eating Squirrel

Buckey the Bagel-Eating Squirrel
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So, I’m on the roof of Strodtbeck’s old house. Yeah, the one that hasn’t sold in 23 months. I meagerly helped John put up a new roof, and we tried to work on finishing stuff up Saturday.

Anyway, as I wait for the measuring tape to come back up, I am greeted by a squirrel. The little fella is carrying an entire bagel. As big as he is. And it begins to remind me of the opening of Ice Age.

He brings the bagel up to the top of a sawed off tree trunk and begins to try and stuff it down the stump. He’s pushing. Stuffing. To no avail. I’m 15 feet from the whole event. After giving up, he tries to pull it out of the stump. It was stuck. Pulling harder and harder, it pops out. He doesn’t know what to do with it. So, he shimmies down the tree and hides it under a piece of plastic in Strods backyard. It was really funny to watch. I took several pics on my phone, but none really captured him well. Hover over the pic to see the hotspot where he is. It was a fun day to work hard and help friends. This was icing on the cake. Hilarious.






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  1. Joel Avatar

    That is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read. Sounds hilarious. Would have cetainly made one of those funny video shows–though that isn;t exactly a bench-mark in my mind.

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