Yes, It’s Still Our Site

Re-design. A term that we Web people embrace and fear. You build something. Then you re-invent it. Six months later, you re-invent again. Well, the look of this site, while cool and crispy, has undergone a change. I’ve been in the lime green zone for a spell, and with spring on the way, a great summer ahead, and with the amount of posting I’ve been doing lately, I figured we needed to spruce things up. So, let me know what you think.

Also, I check the stats for the site every once in awhile, and we’re getting lots of hits. Make it a point to post comments. Get dialogue flowing. Make this blog an interactive one. So, let me know what you think of the re-design, and start posting. It means a lot to see comments from time to time as I invest in bringing you the story of our lives. For better or for worse. Enjoy the story about U2, and look for Grace’s spring concert (complete with video of her playing at Western High School), and G’s Basketball League Awards Ceremony. I’ll try to get to those as well as maybe a pic of two of Chuck’s new house. I think I’m headed over there tomorrow to do some massive drywalling. The fun doesn’t end! Enjoy the stories and pics. Share them with friends. Pass along the site to whomever you feel would enjoy it. And post comments early and often. Enjoy!






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