Sea World

Sea World
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We’re living out our dreams. Actually, Grace’s. Well, really, ours. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to Florida next week. And she’s gonna see dolphins. A lot of them. Yes. We’re going to Sea World.

We weren’t planning on it, but with prices for packages to Orlando dropping into a ridiculously low range and with some unexpeded money coming in, we decided to make a memory.

I had not planned on taking any time off. Saving it for IYC and “other stuff.” Told Mick she should take Grace on a special trip with some other moms and kids. She hemed and hawed. Finally, I challenged her and said, “You’ll never go on a trip like that without me. You’re all talk.” For those of you who know Mick, you already know what the next sentance is. She IMMEDIATELY went online and found an amazing deal for airfare, hotel, and car rental. To Florida! I was thinking she’d just go to Chicago or something. Ohio. But Florida?

As she was doing this, I was working on IYC stuff. She told me she had found a deal and she and Grace were going. Exactly what I had wanted her to do. But then I started to get jealous. I replied, “But you can’t go to Florida without me. That will be Grace’s first plane ride. Her first big trip. Dolphins. Without Dad.” She replied, “I would love us all to go. But you have to work.” I said I had to save my vacation time. She said, “Save it for what?” I couldn’t really answer. Probably for stuff like this. An opportunity to make a memory.

So, I asked for the time off and was approved. I found the trip after searching online. And we’re headed to Orlando Thursday. I’m pretty excited. We’ll book the trip this afternoon together and tell Grace. Can you imagine how excited she’s gonna be?

I know this is April 1, and April Fools Day. But this is not a joke. It’s real. Sometimes I could just pinch myself. On a whim, I’m taking my family to Orlando next weekend. Wow. Excited? You betchya. Thankful? Absolutely.






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