Getting on Our First Airplane

Getting on Our First Airplane
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Well, it’s Saturday, and I just snuck down from the room to blog for the handful of you who know we’re away and care. They have high speed in the rooms, but not wireless, so taking out my ethernet cord before we left turned out to be a bad idea.

Anyway, we just finished up a day trip to Cocoa Beach. Grace is showering and trying to get the sand rinsed away from her cracks and crevices. We’re not burned too bad. Sunscreen worked wonders.

We’re having a great time in Orlando. Grace got over the hump and did a great job on her first flight. It was a non issue. Lost our connecting flight in Charlotte, but caught a later one and got in late. Thursday. We were on a small plane from Detroit to Charlotte, and a larger one from Charlotte to Orlando. Landed Thursday evening and got our rental car. Headed to our hotel, checked in, and then headed for dinner in our new neighborhood. Johhny Rockets and then we went to the Marble Slab for dessert. Fun low key evening.

Yesterday we went to Sea World. Today Cocoa Beach. Tomorrow we are gonna surprise Grace and go back to Sea World for a half day and then head back probably for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

It’s been a great time to be together. Grace has had her special day yesterday, Micki relaxing on the beach today, and a mix tomorrow. I’ve been enjoying tagging along.

I’m going to put the Florida images in a folder soon, and upload the pics from our camera when we return for the big reveal and full photo show. I’ll probably post seperately for Sea World and Cocoa today. But our trip out was great. And we’re having lots of fun. Mick and I also realizing how privileged we are. And thankful. More to come from Florida, baby!






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