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Wednesday was an exciting day for the Archer’s. We had scheduled the pool company to come and open our pool this past week. Why? They had dates after Memorial Day weekend, but not before…unless we got in early. Really early. So we did. Especially after the heat wave we’ve been having. Almost turned on the A/C a couple of times. So, they came Wednesday, cleared off the debris, took off the winter cover, threw in a bunch of chemicals, fixed some of the liner, turned everything on, and cleaned it all up. Beautiful!

Except for one thing I forgot. I live in Michigan. [Insert collective groan]. So, is it really surprising that a few days later, my back yard designed for summer fun is…well…now…a winter wonderland again.

Grace got up Sunday morning and said to Micki as she looked out her bedroom window, “Mom, please don’t tell me that what I’m seeing outside is really there.” My summer ladies are ready for a little more heat than this. Especially since we just got back from Florida!

Well, the South Beach theme for the back yard is on hold for now. The snow is already melting. It’s supposed to be in the upper 50’s today. Freaky. But it was fun last night as Micki and I wandered through the mall looking at cool things for the back yard. Creating a really fun place to enjoy ourselves. But really to share with as many people as possible. I think we’ve learned that while you’re in the blessing to not hold on too tightly to what you have. Keep your hands open as God provides. That way we remain dependent on Him and “stuff” is His. Ours to steward, share, and hopefully encourage. Fun stuff. We had to laugh as we looked at our pool this weekend. Summer is coming. Someday.






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