G ‘n R

G ‘n R
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After an absolutely crappy day yesterday, I needed a fix. Angry and frustrated at circumstances of the day, I found myself waiting in Jackson for a meeting that would wind up not happening. Already there, I decided to dawn the doors of Best Buy for a music fix. I rarely do this, but for some reason, I have had Guns ‘N Roses on my mind for a little bit after I saw Behind the Music a few weeks ago.

Feeling the need for some really aggressive music, I went straight for “Appetite for Destruction”. But next to it was a greatest hits album I had never seen before. After looking at the songs, I picked it up quick fast and in a hurry.

After being in the U2 zone for so long, and with the countdown coming in less than two weeks, I needed something new and fresh. So, I blasted it in the car and am actually enjoying it now as I finish cleaning my office, organize some projects, and prepare for a meeting.

Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, Patience, November Rain, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, and many more. Ahh. Raw Rock. Sometimes life needs some injection of adrenaline. I guess for yesterday and today, this is my vice. Unwinding with some good ole’ fashioned Rock ‘n Roll, courtesy of G ‘n R.






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