My Second Pistons Game

My Second Pistons Game
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Right now the Pistons are playing Indiana. They’re down 2-1, but are leading by ten at the half. Earlier this week on Monday, I had the opportunity to go to a Pistons game at the Palace. Game 1 of the Indiana/Detroit Series.

Last Thursday we had a bunch of college students come and go for a tub night. One of the guys I recruited three years ago, and we were talking about Detroit. He said he had access to season tickets, and may have some for the playoffs. I told Mark that if he had any extras to hook a brother up. And he did.

Sunday night he showed up at our house and told me he had one extra ticket for Monday’s game. I pulled the trigger and we went. It was fun to hang out with Mark and meet his family in Plymouth. We wound up going to the game with his sister and brother in law. Cool time. Awesome seats. And the Pistons dominated. Neat to spend time with Mark. He’s in China right now. Left Tuesday for a cross-cultural trip. 13 hours of straight travel. But it’s cool to see where God has brought him and where he’s going. He even dropped by last week to say goodbye. I’m hoping to get an e-mail or two from him.

In the meantime, from halfway around the world, we’re both hoping the Pistons win today.






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