The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit
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Pastor Mark has been going though a message series on the Holy Spirit. And it’s been good. Good for our church and for my heart. Usually, the Holy Spirit is something that churches/denominations get wrong. Not that I’m an expert. But it seems like we either go one way where we don’t talk about Him at all. He’s a ghost. Aloof. The stepchild of the Trinity. Not equal with the Father and Son. Then the other side is to overhype who He is as some magical force that fixes everything. I guess in my little pea-brain and immature heart, I’m learning that He’s neither.

Pastor Mark has been going a great job of not minimizing who the Holy Sprit is without going one way. And elevating who He is to not overhype. The other variable is that you can do a message series on the Holy Spirit and really beg the question the entire time. But Pastor Mark has really treaded that line well.

I guess this is sounding like a crituque of Pastor Mark and less of how God’s been speaking to me in the last week or so. Maybe even longer. And that’s at the heart of things. Yesterday he talked about the power of the HS. Acts 1&2. What is the power, what’s it for, and how do I get it.

The easy three-part action steps that he gave (which I like in my analytical nature) were the following:

1. Study. Become a man of the Word. Suggestion was to do a word study this week on the word “Power”. Where it is in the Bible and write it down. Also write down some context and what I observe. See what happens. God’s work seeping into our hearts.

2. Pray. Offer each day, each moment, each action to Jesus. Control stuff.

3. Be available. To what the HS has. Listen. Attentiveness. See where He leads.

So, this morning, amidst a weekend that was filled with lots of relaxing and no projects ( I almost didn’t make it. Harder for me to relax than to go wild with work), and a later morning than I had anticipated, I sat down to start studying the Bible. Every morning this week to look at the word “Power” and see what the Holy Spirit decides to teach me.

I’m excited about this next season of life. And as I learn how to pray, I’m finding that the things that the world is seeming to choke me out of lately (work, projects, lists, life, relationships, etc), I can give to Him and trust Him. That’s whrere I am right now at least. And I’ll try and stay there.

Well, on to work. With a renewed focus. Not necessarily on work (I”m always focused on that), but on Jesus and His purposes for me in this day.






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