The Mighty Mississip

The Mighty Mississip
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I’m in the basement (which is nicer than most people’s houses) of the Hosmer family. They have begun a relationship with SAU, and had agreed to be interviewed in a piece I’m working on for the Advancement Office. So, I flew out this morning with Jay Mansur to St. Louis, and we drove to Hannibal.

We spent the afternoon and evening with the Hosmers, who are an incredible couple. We got a tour of their property in their golf cart, enjoyed some time talking on their deck, and they took us out for a tour of Hannibal and for dinner. I’m working on preparing for the interview now by watching/listening to some DVDs and then I’ll hit the hay. Didn’t sleep much last night anticipating the trip and lost gained an hour, so hoping to catch up tonight.

Tomorrow we’ll do the interview and leave. Then I’ll leave tomorrow evening for Los Angeles. Getting in there late around 10PM PST. So, looking forward to some rest on the flight and looking forward to discovering LA on my own. I think the hotel I’m staying has internet access, so I may have some more pics and updates later. Stay tuned!






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