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This weekend was incredibly busy. Saturday was helping Micki clean her classroom. Then off to work at the Habitat House. Sunday I left for PA to help my Dad move into his new apartment and move out of the parsonage. Left Monday after moving to come home. Exhausted. Puffy. Sweaty. Smelly. I wanted to stop somewhere for dinner that I could relax. Enjoy some good food. Cool atmosphere. I decided to wait until I got to Maumee, OH, so I could saddle up some wings and more at BW3’s. Man, was I wrong.

It seems like sometimes a cool idea gets messed up. A fun idea like an upscale bar and grill like BW3’s could go places. They franchise it. It’s really a 20-30 somethin’ gathering place. A bar. Good food. Lot’s of TVs with sports galore. All I had anticipated. But something happened yesterday that rocked my world. Something that happens to lots of cool ideas. They get watered down and reduced to something laughable.

As I walked into this adult establishment, I saw balloons. Lots of ’em. Then I understood why I saw them. It was for a birthday party. Not for a college student, adult, or employee. But for a little girl. And all her friends were everywhere. With parents running around. Half of the TV’s had Cartoon Network on them. What has this place lowered itself to. Now, I’m not dissin’ the birthday party thing. I have a seven year-old daughter. And I want her to have fun at her birthday party. But I would NEVER bring her to BW3. It wouldn’t be even on my radar! What a joke. A cool place turned into a Chuckie Cheese with alcoholic beverages. I wonder what the forefathers of Buffalo Wild Wings would think if they saw what I saw yesterday.

And to top it off, the food was terrible. So much for an oasis of cool, good food, and a cool atmosphere.






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