Habitat House

Habitat House
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This Saturday I got to help on something I was so excited to particiipate in. Our church is building a Habitat for Humanity home in Jackson. It’s the first church-sponsored Habitat home in Jackson County. The best part is that it came out of ideas and leadership from a bunch of guys in the church that wanted to do something for the community.

I was only able to come Saturday, but we went from a basement to framed up and roofed in less than 12 hours. Amazing. I may go back this week to help with drywall if I have time, but there are a ton of people who plugged into this and want to be a part of something. But they can’t teach Sunday School or preach. So they feel left out. Stuff like this means something more. It’s not about theology or stuff like that. It’s about people helping people. Helping others is something that comes natural to human beings. So it’s easy to do. And in this case, fun. The house has a to check out as well as a Photo Gallery. Check it out. More to come!






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