Pool Boy

Pool Boy
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Max celebrated his third birthday yesterday and boy was it fun. Micki and Grace were prepping the Shimmy Shack for the action. Sam and Julie came over early to bring the stuff, and it was a great time.

Sam got an old drink mixer/container from a resteraunt going under. He brought that with two different colors of punch. The Finding Nemo party was color coordinated with blue and orange punch, and lots of other fun stuff. Sam also got an old fashioned hot dog steamer for some high-end dogs.

Friends came and kids swam. We ate and had lots of fun. Then we opened presents on top of the hot tub. Max got the hook up. Lots of superhero stuff. And, of course, Finding Nemo stuff. Julie made a special towel for each of the kids. From Scratch! Now that’s high-end.

We had cake and ice cream. By that time, the kids were melting down and everyone started to head home. It was cold. About 65 degrees. Not what we had hoped for. But it didn’t rain and everyone seemed to have a great time. Especialy the birthday boy. And that’s what it’s all about.

Check out a small of the party for some more fun.


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