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Well, I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I apologize. Our lives have superceded crazy. I have some pics up in the gallery with captions now, and plan to blog them. Maybe even this week.

I just arrived this morning at IYC. It’s in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I’m in charge of registration/administration/marketing for the 2500 person event.

With all that’s been going in with IYC and work, I haven’t slept more than about 9 hours in the past three days, and virtually pulling an all-nighter here.

Sam and I arrrived safely with Brian and Angel Kono into Denver at 10AM MST. We got our rental car and got settled into Ft. Collins. The staff is staying in the high-end dorms with A/C. It also has internet. So, I took a quick pic of my room. I got a special envelope from Micki and had some new pics in it of our fam. So, I found some tape and put it up right above my desk in my dorm room.

I’m sharing a room with Sam, who also got some pics. So, we have our family shrines on each side of the room.

Things are surprisingly going well so far. A travel day, some good food, and many meetings. Tomorrow will be more meetings, orientations, and preperation for my big day which will be Saturday, registration day.

Well, better get to bed. Hope to sleep well. Hopefully more to follow!






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  1. dan hop Avatar
    dan hop

    how went the iyc, mr archer?

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