Walking with the Firemen

Walking with the Firemen
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Two weekends ago was CRAAAZY. Typical Archer weekend. I got back from IYC, we spent two solid days helping Duane and Nel with Thaddeus and Nicki’s wedding, did the wedding/reception, and then did the 10pm-2am shift at the 2005 Relay for Life. We actually only did 10-12 ’cause the firemen we were walking for weren’t counting our laps. They were all at a wedding, so their group was smaller than last year. It was fun to have Grace spend the night at the Durocher’s and to have lots of time to just walk together. There was lots of energy at the walk and it was great to spend some down time with Micki. We love the Relay for Life. We’re already talking with John and Lissa about ideas for how we can help next year with a high-end booth. We’re thinking about doing a coffee house and mongolian barbecue. It’s fun to do something for someone with no return for us. Just giving because we believe in it. It’s a good feeling.






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