Nicki and Thad

Nicki and Thad
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Right after I got back from IYC, I took a couple of days off to relax and reconnect with my estranged family. Working on IYC and some projects at work kept me pretty busy. That coupled with the fact that Micki and Grace were on summer break and their time had slowed while mine had sped up…well…that kindof was a hard transition. Anyway, when I got back to relax, I found out that our family needed us. Duane and Nel were doing the decorations and the reception for Thadd and Nicki’s wedding. And they needed help. So, I took two days to help them. It was lots of hard work. Long days. But it was so worth it. The wedding was beautiful. And it was fun to serve others. Grace actually served coffee for many hours during the reception. She had a great servants heart. We were exhausted after the reception. We cleaned up and then had Duane and Nel over for pizza and chilling on the couch. A great weekend to celebrate new life. A new marriage. To two great people. And even better to serve along side people we love: The Clevengers.






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