Builder Bear Part 2

After the Event
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This summer Grace saved up her money. She went online the beginning of the summer, went to Builder Bear Workshop’s Web site, clicked on some stuff, and printed it out. She brought it upstairs, put it in her room, and put a big label on it, “My Dream”. She had chosen a $28 dog, a $13 dog carrier, and a $8 leash and dog collar. She had about $3 saved. I told her she may want to aim a little lower. Maybe just go for the dog. But she worked this summer well. She got her $1 allowance for her work. Saved that. Then she babysat animals. First the DeBacker’s two guinea pigs. Then Strod’s cat. She saved that money. And we went for a special family adventure to 12 Oaks mall near Detroit. Took the whole Sunday. Grace was excited to go, but had added up that she didn’t have enough for all of it. So she decided to buy the carrier and collar/leash because she had other animals she could use it with. Micki and I had already decided that we were going to buy the dog for her because she had been such a great servant at Thad and Nicki’s wedding. No complaining, long hours, and a great heart. We got to the store, and Grace went to the carrier. She got it and then showed us the dog she would save up for next. Micki took her aside (I wanted her to have the big reveal), and told her how proud we were of her and her spirit. And we told her that we would buy her the dog. She was so excited. So, we did the whole thing. Stuffing, creating a name, etc. Grace bought the bag and we bought the dog. Then we drove into Ann Arbor, walked around awhile downtown, and had dinner at the Ann Arbor Brewery. Great fish and chips. And awesome onion rings! It was a relaxing and fun day. A day to spend in affirmation of Grace and also to not be in a hurry, hang out, and have a good time together. What a blessing.






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