The Party’s Over

Watch Out!
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Summer has officially closed. But as I surveyed the pictures we’ve taken over the course of the summer, I started reflecting on how great a season it was.
Micki took two classes to further her education. We got the pool up and running…although it was down for four or five weeks for repairs and “de-greening” it. Lots of friends came over for pool parties. We had a graduation open house, Memorial Day picnic, and Max’s birthday party. We spend a few days at family camp, Micki and Grace all day and me in the evenings. I went to IYC. We went with Strods and Chilcotes to Michigan’s Adventure. Micki and G went with Kulagas and Chilcotes to Lake Michigan. We took a day to spend in Detroit and went to a Tiger’s game and Builder Bear Workshop. Helped out with a wedding. Had our basement flood. Three times. I decided to go back to get my Master’s Degree. Mick’s back in school too. And many more things happened that made it fun. Making new friends (Kulagas and Chilcotes) and deepening existing ones.
We definitely got the most out of the summer! As I look back at this list, I’m reminded of how blessed we are. For a visual of some of our fun, I put together a photo album from Memorial Day to nearly Labor Day. Enjoy!






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