Lights ‘O Plenty

Lights ‘O Plenty
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Two weekends ago, we decided that I was going to replace the hanging light bulb in our kitchen, the only light in the kitchen, with a large fixture to provide…well…light in the kitchen. I thought I could just wire in a new light. But, as usual with the Shimmy Shack, that was not the case. Turns out I had to climb into the crawl space, suck up a ton of insluation into my lungs, and run new electric. Being miserable all ready, I told Micki, “I’m in the batching zone. We don’t have overhead lights in any room in the house. If you want lights, my window is open. One day only. I’ll wire the whole upstairs and install lighting.”

Micki’s eyes got big and we went to Lowes and dropped some coin on a dining room fixture, hallway light, ceiling fan/light combo for ours and Grace’s rooms, and a fan for the bathroom. BAM. Grace was just going to get a fixture, but she fell in love with this cute ceiling fan. And suprisingly, I showed some emotion and sensitivity. We bought the ceiling fan. It took me two weeks to finish up and now I have the bedrooms done and the kitchen. But I may have hit my wall. After eleven years and eight different homes/renovations/fixer-uppers, I’m running on empty for projects and work. Especially going back to school this fall. We’ll see how long it takes for me to do the other lights. If you ask me today, never. But it sure is nice now to be able to walk into our bedroom and flip a switch and see light. Definitely upgraded. But I’m tired.






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