South Beach

South Beach
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When i got back from IYC this summer I had a surprise waiting. When we were in Orlando for spring break, we found a cool building that was decorated on the outisde and I took some pictures of it. It was a building in the section of Sea World called “Key West”.

When we got home, Micki and I talked about me painting a mural on the back of the house with some of those elements. I drew them out on paper and I said that it would be a fun summer project when I have time to plunk away at.

When I got back from IYC it was dark. Micki welcomed me in to the house and led me out back. She had strung Christmas lights on the deck and gave me the big reveal: The Mural! Turns out she took my sketch and had Julie Durocher, Janice, Lena, Lissa, and a whole host of other neighbors and friends to paint. It turned out awesome. Props to Mick for making it happen and Julie for drawing it all out. And for the neighbors and friends, even the kids, who helped turn our back yard into South Beach in Michigan! Check out a couple of other pics in the photos to see other angles.






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