The World Accodring to Grace

The World Accodring to Grace
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Just before school started, Micki was in her classroom constantly. It’s different being a Kindergarten teacher to prepare. If you’re teaching fourth grade or Jr. High, you just throw some books on the desks and you’re good to go. Not so much with five year olds. Grace was helpful…most days with helping. One night that we were over there, she decided to draw a picture of the world. Check out the details.

I don’t know what inspired her to draw it, but I love how Michigan is it’s own continent as well as Canada, Taiwan, and Texas. The cool part is that she drew the land masses apart from each other like you’d see on a globe. Maybe she is like her dad in some ways. Get’s the big picture stuff right and the details…well…not so much.

But, as she drew that and we had the camera nearby, I thought this pic would be one of those keepsake images of kid’s childhoods. A fun thing to look back on in the future. And a fun thing to look at now.






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