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Tuesday nights I think are becoming one of my favorites. Micki has class from 4:30-6ish, so Grace and I cook dinner together. It’s fun to hang in the kitchen and take our time cooking. A few weeks ago we saw this lady on Food Network do a show on one of Elvis’s favorite meals. We watched the whole thing and Grace was saying, “I wish we could make that meal, Dad.”

Well, I went online, found the recipe, and we went and made the entire meal. Everything on the show. Meatloaf with a special cheese sauce, new potatoes rolled in a ranch/corn flake mix, with Elvis’s Ooey Gooey Peanutbutter Banana Cake. All from scratch. We spent almost two hours cooking together and it was a feast to beat the band. The best part was just hanging with Grace and taking our time. We’ve made a couple of more cool dishes since then like a pepperoni roll (haven’t made that since the Utica days) and other cool stuff. Tuesdays. Liking them.






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