My little puppies

My little puppies
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Haloween was a wild and crazy day for the Archers. I went to Grace’s class party and there was a sub, so it was pretty crazy. Micki did her class parties and they were rockin’. Then we headed home for a quick dinner and then to Trunk or Treat. Mick ran in and put on her costume. It’s a dog in case you’re wondering. Everyone else thought it was a lamb or some other soft and fuzzy animal. Funny. It was a great night. Better than last because there didn’t seem to be as many people there as last. The lines weren’t too long and the weather was great. Later on in the evening we got to go on a hay ride with Pastor Hill. At the end of the ride it had begun to rain, so we high-tailed it home and drove over to Debbie’s house. She used to be Grace’s daycare in Kindergarten. It was great to see her and her family. You can catch more of the pics of the day on a photo gallery of Halloween. Enjoy.






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