Browns Win!

After the Game
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This weekend was amazing. Dad and I went to Cleveland to see the Browns play the Miami Dolphins. I found some tickets on eBay this summer and took Dad for his birthday which was last April. Dad sprung for the hotel and we met up Saturday night, had an incredible dinner, fun night, and game.

Dad, a lifelong Browns fan, has only been to one Browns game in the 60’s. I’ve only been to one NFL game ever. Dad took me when I was in Jr. High to see the Bills play Cleveland in Buffalo. The game this weekend was 33 years in the making. Our pilgrimige to the holy land of football: Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Saturday night, the fun part about dinner was going to a bar in the warehouse district to grab some good grub. The bartenders were switching shifts and we got a really crusty waitress. Our food took forever, which we didn’t mind, and when the manager-type guy came in to finish off our order, he gave the whole meal to us for FREE because of crusty waitress! Boo-Ya! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to watch the Cavs win, and talk. It was fun.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel and walked to the stadium. It was a perfect day. Sunny and 50 degrees. Nicey-nice. We sat with some season ticket holders who were hard core Browns fans. The best part was the Browns dominated from start to finish. 22-0! A great game, great day, and great time to spend with Dad.

We wandered around the stadium after the game to check it out and got a group of drunkards to take our picture by the field. They were fun. We walked back to the hotel and said goodbye. It was an amazing weekend. And a great time to spend with Dad. We’re definitely going to have make a habit out of this. Maybe we’ll have some pics of a Cavs game later this winter. A playoff game perhaps? In Dad’s dreams. His and LeBron James. | Web Gallery






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