The Alley Decked Out
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Right now Savannah and Grace are running around and playing upstairs. Micki and Lissa are out shopping doing the 5:30AM super sale stuff. And I’m sitting downstairs blogging. All is as it should be.

Yesterday was a great day. We chilled in the morning and went over to Durochers at 1. Had a great meal with Nate and Cindy, Chuck and Sue, Sam and Julie, and Penny. Oh and a house full of kids. It was a great meal and hang time. A bunch of people napped and the kids played. We had a great time to share what we were thankful for as we ate dinner. Grace said she was thankful for heat. Funny. Savannah said she was thankful for Grace.

Later in the evening we went over to George and Faith Kline’s for some dessert. They had George’s brother Kent and his son Arman from NYC. Lee and Chris were there as well as Alex and Bill from Philly. And of course, John and Lissa. We had some great talks. And lots of laughter. We then took Grace and Savannah home to the shimmy shack for a sleep over. All in all, a fun day. Long day. But good one.

Well, better get the girls dressed. It’s 11:30 and they still have their jammies on. Nicey-nice. | Web Gallery






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