Decorating for Christmas

Micki and Grace
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Thanksgiving weekend we decorated the Shimmy Shack for Christmas. It was one of the more enjoyable times we’ve done this. Less than a year ago when Micki walked into the house to think about buying it, she started crying in the Living Room because she was overwhelmed at how it resembled all she had dreamed. It was big. Open. Warm. A big window. And had a fireplace and a mantle. Immediately she was thinking about Christmas.

Well, fast forward 12 months and here we are. We got out a bunch of ornaments and the tree and enjoyed a fun time together. Mimi had sent over some older ornaments from Nana and Poppa as well as from our early years. We decided to go with a nostalgia theme this year. Grace went out to go sledding with the Chilcotes and Micki and I finished up the outside. Later she did the little touches inside. It was really fun. Grace enjoyed herself too. We played some old Christmas music and spent most of the day decorating and hanging out. A nice day to enjoy together. More pics are in our album.






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