My Valentine

My Valentine
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Milenna took this pic of G and I today at her valentine’s day party. I’m not a big believer in V-day or any other of these “Hallmark holidays”. My attitude (preparing ot incur the wrath of women and romantics worldwide) is that I need to show my love and appreciation for my wife every day. Not just on February 14th. But one tone that Micki has set in our marriage together is celebrating. We celebrate every holiday and micro-holiday to the max. I think it’s because the art of celebrating is a lost art. We buy stuff, but rarely do we, as a whole, celebrate. Today I woke up and there was a really nice card and a gift for me in the bathroom from Micki. A gift bag with a new shirt and book with a card for Grace. I countered with some gifts for Micki that I delivered as well as a balloon and special card for G. Sherry today “outed” me as a cynic, and I very well may be (post your feedback, but be gentle), but I found myself feeling not obligated to “get something” for the sheer pressure of the day, but shifting to understanding that small tokens to show my love for my ladies brings joy to my heart when I see Grace’s face light up as I hug her in front of all her friends and say out loud, “Grace, you are my special valentine.” She glows. Last night she made me a home made card with a “roses are red” poem that she wrote. Sweetness. And it’s that kind of sweetness that I celebrate today. More than some candy and flowers.






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