You are My Sunshine

You are My Sunshine
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The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for Grace emotionally. Over a month ago she received an invitation for us to go to the “Dad and Daughter Dance”, a PTA fundraiser. I have to be careful of what I say about this because I know Grace reads this and other educators do too. But this is my blog, so if you don’t agree, read elsewhere! (insert 5th amendment nod)

Anyway, this dance is pretty lame. Pathetic, in fact. But the heart behind it is a daughter getting dressed up with her dad, eating out, and dancing. Probably every little girl’s dream. And it is my Gracie’s too.

Well, last week she came home conflicted. She was invited to a birthday party that was on the same night as the dance. Something I was less than enthusiastic about going. More excited to be with Grace and less about where we were going to be spending time. She wanted to go to both. She was torn. We had a talk last week in bed and she told me that she wanted to go to Lexi’s birthday party so bad but she didn’t want to disappoint me. She was so worked up about it that she was crying. I hugged her up real good and reassured her that I would not be disappointed, she could go to the party, and we would do something special together later. So we did.

This Saturday we spent the better part of the day on a special adventure. We went to “Piece of Mine” near Lansing. She said she didn’t want to know where we were going but for it to be a surprise. So I took her to “ING Credible”. Not so much. We then went over to Beaners and I got Grace a special white hot chocolate with caramel. She thought it was so high-end that she got a gourmet drink. We then went to “Pieces”.

Piece of Mine is a pottery shop you make stuff at. Find something you like, color it, and come back a week later after it’s been fired. It’s really cool. And right up our girl’s alley. (I started calling her “Craftmatic” lately).

After surveying what to paint, Grace picked out, what else, a CONTAINER. Actually, it was a bank with a moon on one side and sun on the other. Turns out we just spent probably more than an hour painting it together and talking. It was really cool. She was loving it. And I really cherish those times as well. You can totally tell after times like these that she feels like her tank is filled up. Anyway, we headed home together excited to see what it will look like next week. It’s cabin weekend with the fellas and I’m going to pick it up on my way home. Bottom line: Time is the most important thing. And this kind of time is soooo much better than the dance. Plus, have any of you ever seen me dance? EXACTLY.






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