My Valentine

My Valentine
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One of the bargains Micki and I struck when she went back to work as a teacher was that I would be the parent to attend all of the parties. She didn’t want Grace to be alone on those special days in class. So, I brokered it, and have been to every party since Kindergarten. It’s kind of cool because most of the parents that come to these come to every party as well, so it’s like a small group of people who are the party parents. There are some who do the games, some who do the drinks and food, and others who organize stuff. I’m the class photographer. I bring stuff if I’m asked, but mostly take pictures and give them to Mrs. King.

This party I brought in a baloon with big lips on it and hearts along with a cool card that said something like “I love you just the way you are” or something to that affect. Grace thought it was awesome that I would bring a special valentine for her. So I played it up in front of her friends to make her feel extra special.

Now, being that I am the photographer and I have a beautiful girl in Mrs. King’s class I can’t be faulted for taking a couple of more pics of Grace. Which I do. This one however, is taken by Milenna. She sits across from G, and is one of her good friends. She’s pretty cool, goofy, and fun to be around. I hope Grace and Milenna stay good friends through the years. As I was taking pics, I asked Milenna to snap one off of Grace and I. So, here it is. Another successful party and time for me to smooch up Grace in front of her friends and tell them all that she is my valentine.






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