Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
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Micki’s birthday was March 9th. We’re getting to the point in our marriage where the whole surprise thing or excessive and unnecesary gift phase is outgrown. This year asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted the entry room redone. New wallpaper and fixture. So we went with Duane and Nel to shop for paper and fixtures. Their present to her was giving up a Saturday for the install. It was really fun.

We started early stripping (the paper) and finished by afternoon. It really was a dramatic transformation and she was really pleased. I think the best part was simply being together. A low-maintenance, high-end birthday celebration. Well, we did have a party that night too. Thanks Strods, Durochers, and Lukes for making it extra special!






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    Hey here are some pics from aunt mickis party…enjoy them
    “Party Pics

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