Katie and Grace

Katie and Grace
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This week has been pretty crazy, and tonight Micki will be working doing Kindergarten Roundup. That left Grace and I time together for a speical date. I asked her last night if she wanted to do breakfast or dinner. This morning she chose breakfast. So we stopped by the Spring Abor Cafe (formerly A&W) for our date. We went over her spelling words for her test today in Mrs. King’s class and talked about other stuff.

We left and had about ten extra minutes before school started. Since we were listening to HOME.fm before we left at home and in the cafe, and in the car, I thought it may be cool to stop in and wave to Carl and Katie. I pulled into the parking lot and Grace asked me where we were going. I said, “Would you like to quick stop by and say hi to Mr. Fletcher and Katie?” She replied with a huge smile, “YESSSSSSSSSS!” So we went up. As we walked in her face lit up and Carl and Katie welcomed us into the studio! They offered us donuts and asked if they could put us on the air. Katie set Grace up in the chair by her with a mic and after the song was over, Grace was live on the radio!

The three of them talked about what they like best about mom, dad, what our plans were for Easter, and if she likes honey or salty ham. After we were off, Katie took some pics (Thanks Rachel for the group shot!). It was awesome. I think we would have been happy just to wave to them. But Carl and Katie hooked us up with the upgrade. When we left, she told me she was really nervous because there were “like, thousands of people listening and I didn’t want to mess up.” We talked about one of the reasons why she likes to listen to Carl and Katie in the morning is because they don’t pretend to be something they are not. They are authentic and real. That’s what people like to listen to. That’s what people appreciate. And that’s what she did. And that was the best thing she could have done. Be herself.

It was a quick blip, but I’ll bet anyone some major cash-ola that right now in Mrs. King’s class, Grace is telling her friends that she was on the radio with Carl and Katie. It got me to thinking as I went over to Hutch’s to get snacks for our staff meeting and devotions how thankful I am for our community. For a friendly lady in a grocery store that helped me find caramel apple dip and told me how her five year-old son loves to eat healthy food. For familiar faces in restaraunts. For people waving to you every time they drive by your car, house or bike. For a radio station like HOME where it’s missional, relevant, and real. And where the people are too. Thanks Carl and Katie for creating radio that my little girl loves to listen to. And for being accessible to make an eight year-old’s day. It’s neat to be able to experience that and see your kid light up and be inspired. Who knows? Maybe Grace will be on the radio somedaylike her daddy was. With all she has going for her, the possibilities are endless.
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  1. Lissa Avatar

    I love everything you said about our community and it all touches me, too. I love being on the giving and receiving end of those special and every day community moments. Lissa

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