From Orange to Blue

From Orange to Blue
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I’ve put on some weight the past few years. And lost some hair. Micki continues to be stunning, while I seem to be turning into a crusty old man. Beauty and the Beast. And there are some items of clothing that I feel really comfortable in. One of these items is an orange sweatshirt from the SAU bookstore a year or so ago. I really like the sweatshirt and feel comfortable in it. You know how you find clothes you just feel good in? This is one of those.

Well, throughout the winter, on casual Fridays at work, guess what sweatshirt I wore? And Saturdays where we were lounging around? And some Sundays to our community group? Yep. You guessed it. The Orange Sweatshirt.

Apparently I was not monitoring how much I was wearing it, but most people in my world did. It became a joke on Sundays at our community group. It became lore in the office on Fridays. And it became somewhat of a legend in the circles we run in. Until something happened.

Micki went to the SAU bookstore to find a replacement for “Ole Orange”. As she was looking through the sale areas, Jayne Asbury came over to help her look. Once Micki said she was looking for a sweatshirt for me, Jayne, who I see maybe 10 times a year, says, “Please Micki, get anything but orange. If I see Jason again in that orange sweatshirt, I think I’ll go crazy.” Micki was laughing until she cried and was happy to tell that story in our group as I proudly wore my new blue sweatshirt. I guess looking back at pics of the past I tended to wear it. Frequently. I like my new blue sweatshirt. But the orange one is still in the closet, baby.






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