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My World
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I snuck this pic with the camera phone a few hours ago at Steak and Shake. M and G love it, but me…not so much. We went into town to get some new pillows for Mick, and I swung over to S&S for the girls.

Earlier this week, Micki and Grace were talking and Grace was telling Micki about some exercise they were doing to describe people using adjectives. Micki asked Grace what words she would use to describe her. Grace said, “Punctual”. I think that is really funny. Then she said, “well, punctual and funny.” Then Micki asked how she would describe me. Grace said, “Serious”. No surprise there.

Grace and Micki have always been on the same wavelength that I have not been privy to. Heck, I’m not even in the same area code. They have the same sense of humor. I don’t really have one. The things Grace says to Mick really crack her up. They don’t really do much for me. So, most of my life, I wind up watching them laughing at each other and feeling like that kid in the cafeteria on Monday that missed the SNL sketch that everyone else saw.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t resent it at all. These days I just shake my head, smile, and revel in the sheer awe I am of the close genetic links to these women in my life. It’s uncanny. It happens frequently. And as they started cracking themselves up again, I figured I’d try and capture the moment.






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