It’s The Little Things

It’s the little things
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Why are you looking at a scary pic of me holding an iron? Celebrating the mundane in life. That’s why. Let me tell you a story. About a friend of mine from New York. Let’s call him “Steve”. When I first met Steve, he and his wife, we’ll call her “Marissa” were newly married and starting their lives out together. We got pretty tight with them and count it a privilege to know them, even thought we dont’ see each other very much these days.

Anyway, as we got to know them, we noticed some things about Steve. Like the fact that in their car, they had floormats, but Steve also required a grocery bag to go on top of the floor mats for our feet to go. Interesting… A bit excessive, but interesting.

Later, when we started sharing stories and deepening our friendship, Marissa shared that Steve’s closet contains all white plastic hangers, all two fingers width apart. We looked to mock him. Yes, it looked pretty military.

We found out a ton of more cool things about these people as we invested in them and they in us. But the thing that brought me back to this picture was their iron. Apparently, there is an iron that rivals any other. And for those of you that know me, I’m not going to be on the cover of GQ any time soon. But they showed us the “Ironing Room” that Steve spends significant time in. With the amazing Rowenta iron.

I priced them out around eight years ago. $75-100. Not exactly in our price range. But Steve always swore by them and, well, he’s pretty high-end.

Fast forward eight years. Our $9.99 Sunbeam has ladybugs in the water tank. Dead. This was my chance. I pleaded with Micki. “Don’t come home without a Rowenta.” I was thinking about Steve. Channeling his energy. Didn’t know if Micki would go for it. Fortunately, she had a coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond and a gift card. She came home with a treasured posession for the Archer family. Our own Rowenta.

Why spend this much time blogging about a stupid iron? Three reasons: 1. I can. It’s a blog, and nobody really reads this much. 2. It was a fun way to remember good times with “Steve and Marissa”. and 3. I’m always trying to celebrate the little things. Sometimes we get bogged down in the big things or focus on the negative. This was something to truly celebrate for me.

So, now if you need something ironed, stop on by. I’ll be your huckleberry. Cause the quality of life just went up in the Archer home.






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  1. holly Avatar

    great use of “anonymity”! and, yes, some people actually do read everything you blog…of course, if they’re like me they don’t get out much either!

  2. Joe Aviles Avatar
    Joe Aviles

    Truly a great assessment of a man with some of the most obvious (and yes this is a true telling of the man) idiosyncrasies. The great thing is that Steve doesn’t shy away from this. He knows it is funny and laughs with you. Jay, I laughed through the whole thing, thanks. 🙂

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