Max’s Birthday

Max’s Birthday
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Last Sunday we all went out to Cottage Inn after church. Strods, Durochers and us. Sidebar: They now have calzones on the menu. The best calzones we’ve had since we moved from New York. Anyway, we were celebrating Max’s fourth birthday. We couldn’t make it to the family party cause we were helping with the VanValin’s wedding. But we came over Sunday instead to have some fun time with a special boy. We had some cake and ice cream and gave Max his gift: toy guns. He loved them. Acutally, all the kids did. They took turns playing with them. Karson took Mick and I upstairs to show us his bedroom. He then proceeded to point out every item in the room. What a cutie. Fun time. And was the Sunday leading up to a week at Aunt Julie’s School of Art. Julie did an art camp on their porch for a week. Grace came home from the camp with tons of more skills. Julie is an incredible artist, but even more a great communicator when it comes to teaching and empowering kids to become artists.






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