Poppy’s Aquarium

Poppy’s Aquarium
Originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

Last week we had a storm of epic proportions. Savannah was spending the night. A hurricane force storm hit Spring Arbor. Some tornadoes. It was scary. Wild. Power was out everywhere. We even were without power the next day at work. Operated out of the library who was on a generator. But the Shimmy Shack struck again with a bagillion gallons of water. Standind water. Everywhere. Makes us wonder how long we can hold out before we pull the trigger and spend the bling to waterproof. We shop vac’d it out the next day.

To pass the time we went into town and went out to dinner. Then we went for a walk in our neighborhood to access the damage. Not too bad. It’s times like these that I love. I love these storms. Because it is a reminder of how not in control we are. Control is an illusion. These storms remind me of that. And how blessed we are to have so many creature comforts.






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