Wedding Weekends

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These past two weekends have been spent working at Ben and Kristin and Nate and Beth’s weddings. All weekend. With Duane and Nel. They have been wild weekends, but so rewarding. It’s fun to serve others. And great to serve with Duane and Nel. I got some time to spend with David Roller grilling and cleaning and that was fun. Micki got to be the assistant wedding coordinator with Nel for Nate’s wedding.

The best part of both weekends was Nate and Beth’s wedding. Why? Because Grace and I sat together. Just the two of us. And we talked. She was asking so many questions about weddings, the symbolism of things, etc. She snuggled into me and asked me about her wedding. Would I walk her down the aisle? Would I do the talking part like Pastor Mark or Mr. Ron? Would she have candles? What was the wedding party for? Could she invite her friends and family? So many questions. And what she didn’t know is I was pretty emotional trying to hold it together as we were dreaming together. I know people say it goes fast. Some days that seems true. And days like this past Saturday, I feel like it’s slipping away. That cute chubby crabby baby from Utica, NY is now growing up into a young lady. That I’ll walk down the aisle some day. Wow. Gotta run. I’m out of kleenex.






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